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Modernization affects every sort of every face of life, but the most affected is fashion. This brings new ideas and imaginations to this field. Mostly the designers of India and Pakistan brought out some gorgeous and incredible changing’s in clothing patterns because both countries have intense variety of clothing outfits. Saree is one of them and the most traditional, cultural and sophisticated dress. Indian women’s are savvy about it. Saree has multiple styles, patterns and designs like Fishtail, casual, bridal and many more. Today we will presents a beautiful Saree outfit called butterfly. Basically it is a way of wearing a Saree. It looks like a butterfly fins when women wear. There are some gorgeous designs of butterfly sarees we have for you.

Have a first look at Butterfly Saree Design, this is in black fabric with extra ordinary fine quality. Saree pallu has embedded embroidery work along some motif stuff. Borders of Saree Pallu are nourished with shiny strip that looks pretty. Main beauty of this outfit encapsulate in blouse style. Shoulder less blouse is in slim size gives some western touch to the dress. Blouse is in simple black fabric. This is a perfect party wear saree.

Actually this is a series of butterfly saree designs having same sort of outfit and blouse style that is in tiny form looks like a bra but is in shoulder less form. All the Butterfly sarees have the same. The fabric, design and accessory make the difference between them.
In this fabulous Butterfly saree Fashion has embroidered work along some motif and gotta accessory. Fabric has thread work and betel leafs are being fetched on the stuff. Tiny colorful flowers also looking marvelous and gives shine to this butterfly saree. One can use this as a bridal saree.

This butterfly saree has beautiful thread handmade embroidery and the design is also cool. Design includes betel leaf along branches and flowers which looks amazing. Color is also cool but the outfit and blouse style is just awesome. Motif, stars and shiny glitter are being used as accessory.

In this butterfly fashion has modern look but in traditional way. The outfit is modern but the design is traditional. White thread work of 3 D shapes looks beautiful. Heavy work at border of saree pallu also has the same sort of embroidery work. The blouse is also enriched with little same sort of work and looks cool.

This beautiful butterfly saree has beautiful work on it. Glittery motif and thread work shines and gives marvelous look to the dress. Outfit is awesome but the design is also good. Theme consists of different sort of leafs and flowers bunch, which looks fine.

This butterfly saree has some strip and motif work on printed stuff.  You can say this, printed butterfly saree.Every beautifully designer put stars and motif to give more beauty to the butterfly saree. Contrasted color lace is being fetched at border of saree pallu which looks rich and gives powerful look.

In designing outfit is much concerned thing than others. Like this butterfly saree, the designer gives a new look to the blouse and this looks amazingly a new sort of dress. Blouse has bounded and rounded shape along the neck which looks good and remind me the age of 70’s. Color combination is also gives old look. The design consists of large size flowers and leafs fetched with contrasted color thread.

Same sort of technique and pattern this butterfly saree has as I explained above. Just saree blouse has little different style. V shape overlapped blouse style having sleeve less outfit which looks good with butterfly saree. Accessory work also looks good. This butterfly saree is also a reminder of old age fashion.

Butterfly saree in its original shape is front of you. The blouse also is in casual ad regular style, having sleeve less pattern. Gotta strip along with motifs and stars are being used as accessory. Some sort of fancy flowers also being fetched at corners to make this fancy butterfly saree.

This would be the best Bridal butterfly saree 2010-11. The style and design is traditional bridal and the designer extensively use accessory like gotta strip, motifs and stars and built-in shapes of gotta. Design is purely based on rajhistani Indian culture. Blouse is in half sleeve pattern having wide round shape neck style. Amazingly butterfly saree is too good for every season and occasion. All these saree designs are taken from a fashion forum for any copy right issue please contact us. This article is written just for sharing the latest butterfly trend not for selling purpose.

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