Best Embroidered Dresses | Sparkle and Shine

The house of Zunn has been around for a decade now, but Uzma Mirza and Sheema Sherazee have just decided to come into the spotlight. Zunn, (which means Woman in Persian) is their brand ethos in ever sense of the word.
Now a days in sparkle parties (Means fancy parties) these types of embroidered dresses are highly preferred.  Here we are going to best embroidered dress of best embroidered dress designer. These shining and sparkling dresses are giving good impression in gorgeous designs. 

All these sparkling embroidered dresses include traditional salwar kameez with fancy look, long kurti, Kaftans, umbrella frocks, western and baggy dresses with modern styles.

Theirs are feminine, traditional clothes with fone work and detailing. The House of Zunn also has it’s own handlooms. So while they do use Chinese silk and georgettes which are sourced from elsewhere, each piece also incorporates fabric from their own looms. They also use every kind clothes, dabka, marori, salma, sitara, swarovski crystals, staying true to the Pakistani woman’s love to sparkle and shine. The house of Zunn brings on the bling-tastefully. By Instep Style Magazine, Model: Nadia Hussain, Photo Grapher: Rizwan Ul Haq, Hair & Makeup: Nigahat Misbah @ Depliex.

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