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To say that when fashion passed never comes again or it’s a old fashion, is absolutely wrong. Fashion never end and there is no any old fashion. Fashion is always repeat with some modification. But now a days there is no any modification on way of style is change. Like Trouser fashion is a old fashion and ever seen in old Hindi and Pakistani films (Before the year 1980), But now a days it comes again in huge varity of trouser styles. 
Here we am going to share some brilliant dresses of Aiesha Varsey , Who remind us these dresses as reviewed old fashion. She represents Frocks, Lehengas, Sarees, Gowns and some dresses follows the western culture.  All the dresses have gorgeous designs of embroidery and Techniques. All the dresses are in sparkling embroidery and modern techniques. 

She waits listlessly for her hero to save her from the gilded confines of her cage. She eyes the grandfather clock as she peace waiting to hear his steps at her gate. The clock ticks aways; seconds turn to minutes, minutes to hours and hours to days…
Designer Aiesha Varsey does dresses as only she can; in a really big way. Working with large set up which is necessary with her growing list of clients, Aiesha Varsey shows off her unique style. Through fashion purists choose to omit too much embellishment with western influenced clothes, we say to each her own. Instep Style Magazine, Model: Mona Lisa.

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