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The best traditional dresses of India and Pakistan are Salwar Kameez and Saree. As a dress, saree has an everlasting application. It suits all occasions and has a universal exposure. Currently you have a large variety of Saree dress and you don’t need bound to wear old fashion and traditional saree. With the advancement in textile sector and fashion world, designers invent many types of sarees. With innovation in saree blouse styles, one can now try out different ways to drape a saree. Innovation and creativity has mingled together to bring freshness in saree trends as well as the saree fabric. The artistic sarees of Delhi designs have multiple style blends like casual styles, fusion blends and so on.

The latest accessories give the outfit a better and sophisticated look. In fact, sarees comes in different styles including modern styles of sarees, embellished, zari work, sequined, painted, beaded and with embroidery. You can also get an extinctive range of designer artistic sarees in the form of traditional looks like Banarsi, Zari and Silk sarees. 
Another reason for the popularity of artistic sarees is the presence of artistic work along the edges or in the entire body of the saree. Among the ethnic garment designs, artistic sarees can be found with complicated resham, golden prints and sequin work patterns.

Today we will present some attractive and dazzling stuff and designs of artistic sarees to our valued visitors.
This is a simple saree dress with shoulder less blouse having beautiful artistic work on it. Fabric of this saree is a blend of silk and cotton and designer works on it in different techniques, use fabric embroidery and silk strip as a border strip. Beautiful flowers are being enriched on saree pallu.

Beautiful artistic saree for brides it is. Nice thread work with fabolos artistic design is being done and the theme is more suitable for bridal wear. Thick strip of silk increases the beauty of this artistic saree. The blouse style is latest and modern. Loose small sleeves with large V shape neck style build a beautiful combination. Use of motif and zaree to build flowers and design on it enhances the wealth of this artistic saree.

The simple artistic work printed saree for casual use. The designers not only develop saree designs and styles for traditions and parties but also for casual wear. The design consists of different shapes which looks beautiful. The blouse style is also casual.

Beautiful and amazing artistic work using motif and zaree accessories it is. Blouse style is simple but attractive. Half sleeves with tight pattern looks fantastic in simple single color fabric. On saree pallu the stunning work is being done, the style and the design that has been enriched by the designer is superb and good looking. This saree can be used as a bridal dress. Beautiful combination of accessory with different color silk strips is fabulous.

This artistic saree dress is artistic in its style and pattern. Emerging blend of new fashion in old traditional style is being used to develop this artistic saree. Fish tail saree pattern looking fabulous with modern blouse style. Shoulder less blouse have single strip to hold the blouse at bust, rounding from the neck. The same artistic work is being used at blouse strip as on saree pallu.

Beautiful artistic silk saree. This artistic saree is simple, but the artistic stuff in it is the embroidery that has been done on it. The simple casual but attractive artistic saree it is.

Fish tail pattern is being used mostly by the designers now days. Splendid work of thread with beautiful theme of floral design is being done to develop this artistic saree dress. Modern style of blouse is just fabulous and suits to this type of fabric. 

Simple and traditional pattern of saree it is with the blend of designer’s techniques and the use of traditional accessories. Silk strips have been used with beautiful built-in design. Metal thread embroidery increases the wealth of this artistic saree, and this could be a artistic bridal saree.

The same design and technique of this artistic saree as above explained. The same pattern of this artistic saree has as above saree, with the slight change in blouse style. Blouse of this artistic saree is shoulder less, but the outfit is different.

This is a simple bridal saree with little work of silver metal thread on it. Fish tail pattern is being used widely and suits all types of fabric and body outfit.

Amazing artistic work with the use of silky fabric on thin silk saree fabric is being done to develop this artistic saree. Blouse style also modern in its nature and the theme of design is old with the use of new and trendy style. Motif and thread embroidery enhances the beauty of this artistic saree design.

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