Firdous Lawn Restyles Kareena Kapoor | Firdous Lawn summer collection 2010-2011 Volume 2

Firdous Lawn now days enjoying best selling period of their lawn prints of summer 2010-2011, this sale scale is going high and high. Firdous Lawn was took a bold and expensive step and hire Kareena Kapoor for their Lawn prints of 2010-2011. Now Firdous Lawn restyles Kareena Kapoor and launches their lawn prints 2010-2011 volume 2. Kareena again shoot for Firdous Lawn recently and this should be the best selling year for Firdous Lawn prints of summer 2010-2011. We will be back soon with latest styles of Firdous Lawn restyles Kareena Kapoor summer collection 2010-2011 volume 2.........!

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