Bridal Fashion Show | Brides of the Year 2010 - 11

Fashion shows are the big tools to market fashion and clothing products. With perfect management and presentation one can introduce and can create a large market for their dresses. In South Asia the trend has been mushroomed in recent one or two decades mainly. South Asian dresses have in the market and have large number of fans throughout the world.
As Fashion shows are the handsome source of market so designers mainly focuses on expensive cultural dresses and arrange shows related to Bridal Dresses, Sarees and designer dresses. Today she9 team will show you some footage of Bridal Fashion Show 2010-11. In this Show, famous designer presents their gorgeous and lovely dresses. All the dresses fall in cultural dresses may for bride of the year 2010 - 2011

This bridal lehnga has beautiful design with expensive work of motif and hand work of thread. Choli is in casual style with strips to hold with shoulders. The neck style is in simple round pattern while the lehenga also in same casual style. This is a perfect cultural Punjabi bridal Lehnga Choli. Both dresses have same technique of designing. The second one has simpler Lehnga than first one, having Punjabi cultural work on it.

Cultural Rajhistani Bridal Lehnga Choli is front of you. People of Rajhistan  in India loves to wear such Bridal Lehnga Choli. Shoulder less Choli has strip to hold and to tight the Choli at belly. Silk fabric to design this bridal Rajhistani Lehnga Choli is being used, the fabric has unique floral design.

Designer Kaamdar Lehnga Choli for Bridal wear is front of you. Lehnga has unique array of floral design having double stylish embroidered strip, one at waist and the other stitched with the border of Lehnga. Choli has beautiful work on it. The neck style has wide shoulder style with baggy half sleeves.

This beautiful designer Lehnga Choli can be used as Bridal Dress. In this Fashion Show of 2010-11, this dress really represents the own work of its designer. Choli has casual style with wide shoulder sleeveless neck style. Beautiful thin strip nourished with floral silver design is being used at corners. Lehnga is in modern pattern having fins; those are tinted with the zigzag design of silver thread.

This Bridal Lehnga Choli in silver color is basically designed for Western girls those want to wear this South Asian dress. During this Bridal Show, people really likes this dress and effort to present western style with south Asian touch. Lehnga Choli has silver thread and motif work tinted with shine.

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