Stylish Mehndi Designs for Girls | Wedding Mehndi Designs by Nillem

In this mehndi competition 2011-2012 we got a lot of mails from mehndi artists. Girls submitted stylish mehndi designs for different occasions one of them are these stylish mehndi designs for girls, These mehndi designs are submitted by mehndi artist Nillem Mirza from France. She is specialized in  mehndi for wedding, sangeet, henna party she works with glitters and mehndi, and colorful mehndi art.
Here we are going to share you some of the best mehndi designs of Nili, for wedding occasions, These mehndi design will looks beautiful on girls who want to looks beautiful in weddings. Here in these designs the artist implement the simple floral work on teenage beauty. Lets have a look on these stylish and simple mehndi designs.

Stylish Indian Mehndi Design
This illustrious Indian henna/mehndi design by Nili exhibits a remarkable feature of floral manipulation on human body. This design covers entire back of the hand in a subtle manner giving it a somber look. The designer gives curvy pattern on fingers embedded with flowery touch at wrist.

Simple Floral Work
This simple and casual mehndi/henna design is pretty good for casual parties at home like birthdays and marriage anniversaries. The design carries its beauty in its simplicity and diversity. Designer mainly focuses on floral work and beautifies feet along with legs. Nili uses thin line technique which is giving more beauty and sharpness to this henna/mehdni design.

Sodani Mehndi Design
This Sodani henna/mehndi design by Nili is quit magnatic. In drawing Sodani designs, designers usually utilize thick henna/mehndi paste which is quit difficult because it can damage the entire structural symetry of the whole design. Nili has done a marvelous job by keeping up the level of high quality work.

Stylish Arabic Art
This is another manifestation of Arabic Mehndi/Henna Design. It covers mainly arms and useful for half sleeve shirts.

Stylish Sodani Mehndi
It's an Sodani floral mehndi designs for hands, This Stylish Sodani Mehndi Design have stylish work on back side of hand. The artist have covered all the finger with his beautiful of work

Classical Mehndi Art
Colorful mehndi paste is in vogue now days and among colorful mehndi’s black surpasses all of the colors in its attractiveness. This beautiful Indian mehndi/henna design in black enshrines the fair skin more. This design is an exhibition of flowery curvature with fine pasting technique. Nili used curvy structure of flowery design on fingers and at back of the palm she embedded a fine flower. All these stylish mehndi designs are taken from an mehndi artist you may view her from her official facebook page. You may also submit your mehndi designs to participate in this mehndi contest.

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