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Ammar Belal has been rocking away at fashion weeks of late. His style and ubercool ramp music have gotten fashionistas impatiently waring for his turn on the ramp. The designer has made many innovations to fashion, first with bespoke jeans and tailored suits for men and now comes the Corporate Resort collection for the real woman. Made specifically to stock at Ensemble, it caters to the urban woman who wants something more than the long kameez uniform that has become the staple. Who wants to wear lawn to work like everyone Else when you can have New York city chic to help you get work done? Power dressing indeed.

Skirt / Petticoat

Official Style

Stylish Fashion

Stylish Coat 

Casual Office
As in South Asian countries ladies are also equal to the gents for jobs. So regarding office fashion or official dress we can not leave fashion. That's why Ammar Belal tries to introduced his collection for fashion at work to stay update with official style. Here from instep magazine we represent the stylish coat styles, Trousers, Pants, T-Shirts, Long Skirts and petticoat with western style.
Designer: Ammar Belal,  Model : Urooj Ahmed


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