Nishat Linen Winter 2012-13 Collection | Nishat Linen Khaddar Dresses

We have already discussed about Nishat Linen Winter Collection 2012-2013 in previous post, In these Linen Collection Nishat introduced huge variety of dresses containing khaddar, karandi, linen and many more but As far as the designs are concerned, designers get the idea of most from cultural dresses and mold according to the day. Before explaining the design and pattern I would like to share the information about this Nishat Linen Winter 2012-2013 Collection available on Nishat official sources.
Now after discussing about karandi collection now have a look on khaddar collection of Nishat Linen from it new range of winter 2012-2013 collection. Let's See..

Nishhat Linen WInter 2012-13

Nishat Linen 2012-13 Winter Dresses

Nishat Linen Khaddar Range

Nishat Linen Khaddar Collection

Linen Khaddar for Winter 2012-13

Nishat Winter 2012-13 Dresses

Long Shirts with Pencil Trouser

Long Shirt in Khaddar

Nishat Linen Winter 2012-13 Dresses

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