Latest Mehndi Designs of Best Mehendi Designer

Mehndi is an event fashion in this chic season. Girl prefer mehndi for special events and like following mehndi designs like wedding mehndi designs, party mehndi designs, bridal mehndi designs, Arabic mehndi designs, college mehndi style and Indian mehndi designs. So chic girls wish the best mehndi design from the best mehndi designer so that they look prominent in party or functions. Here we are going to share some best mehndi designs from the best mehndi designer collections of 2010-11.
Here we are going to share some best mehndi designs of Farida Suman Mehndi Artist from her best professional mehndi designs.

Classic Mehndi Designer
It’s an Arabic bridal mehndi designs for parties. The mehndi designer designs the dazzling designs on both hands, feet and legs. This mehndi design may be the best mehndi design for Arabic bridal mehndi pattern for 2010 & 2011.

Indian Cultural Mehndi
These designs may be Indian Bridal Mehndi Designs which are showing the culture of the India. In one picture the Mehndi designer filled the complete hand (front and back, Hands and arms) even the fingers are filled with stylish mehndi designs.  But when we discuses about bridal feet, The Indian mehndi designer shows the Indian culture in form of leaf and floral mehndi designs.  These types of mehndi designs are mostly seen in Indian and Pakistani wedding parties, and mostly strong age girls (26-34 years old girls) prefer these types of mehndi designs because according to current fashion culture, mostly teen age girls don’t give preference to covering whole hand with mehndi, they just like simple mehndi design, like a floral series or any single pattern. And it is also seen that some professional mehndi designers draw or used mehndi in a stunning style and cover whole hand with mehndi that it become the best henna design.

Bridal Party Mehendi
It is the best mehndi design for teen age girls in 2010 – 2011 because now a day’s girls like simple mehndi pattern and embroidered mehndi designs instead of cultural and filled style. Like in these pictures the front and back hand of girl have a series of flower and leaves mehndi designs. These types of mehndi designs are mostly seen in college parties, festivals and mehndi parties.

Hand and Feet Mehndi
This Mehndi pattern may specially designed for western brides because Indian, Arabic and Pakistani mehndi designs include floral patterns where as it include tattoos on both hands. Mehndi covers complete hands, arms and shoulder where as bridal feet have a little touch of mehndi as compare to hands.

Designer Mehndi
This Henna design is following the Arabic, Irani and pakistani mehndi culture, It is also seen that Afghanistan is also following the mehndi culture but have a little touch. This mehndi designs is simple, easy to draw on hand but looks beautiful on hands. It’s a casual mehndi designs for casual parties.

Best Mehndi Artist
It may be a traditional mehandi design. Both the hands filled by cultural designs, even the arms are also filled by this lovely mehndi pattern. These types of mehndi designs can only designed by the best professional mehndi designers.These mehndi design are taken from official page of Farida Suman Mehndi Artist from his professional mehndi designs after approval.

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