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The Abaya is long over-garment basically a gown like outfit. The dress is widely worn Islamic countries. The Abaya is considered an Arabic cultural dress. It is an amalgamation of “Hijab” and “Gown” stitched together in a single piece. Traditionally the Abaya’s were found in black colour and may be either a large square of fabric draped from the shoulders or head or a long caftan. The Latest Abaya covers the whole body except the face, feet, and hands.
Here we are presenting some fabulous Abaya Designs of 2011-2012 for our regular visitors; we hope you will like all these Latest Abaya Designs of 2011-2012.

Simple Abaya Style
This is a simple Abaya outfit with some designing work on it. The neck is in “V” shape pattern rounded with a greenish thin strip to give some fancy look to this. The sleeves are also being nourished with the same stuff. This is the Abaya design of 2011-2012, which has loose outfit.

Latest Abaya Style
This Latest Abaya Style is in fitting style. Loose sleeves with close neck pattern looking fabulous. The main thing which is fashionable in this new Abaya design of 2011-2012 is a fitting pattern. The curvy binding of the fabric at bump is giving marvelous look. The entire format looks so beautiful and perfect. This is a two piece package; Abaya with scarf, and therefore best for this winter season.

Latest Abaya Designs
This New Abaya design is inclined from old classic style. A loose and free style pattern of this new Abaya design of 2011-2012 is looking beautiful. Bell bottom full sleeves with wide and loose overcoat both are looking gorgeous and the strip work at the edges enhancing the beauty of this Abaya design. 

Hijab Abaya Style
This Hijab Abaya design is in slim fit style as you can observe the pattern of overcoat and sleeves, both are in fitting style. Colored strip work at the edges of sleeves and scarf is looking attracting. Close round neck pattern simply is the best for this slim fit Abaya design of 2011-2012.

Arabic Abaya Look
This slim fit casual Abaya looks so beautiful and attractive. The use of colored fabric along with classic black fabric is looking stylish and trendy. Baggy style sleeves are being separated this Abaya design from others and this is the real beauty of this new Abaya design of 2011-2012.

Colorful Abaya Style

New Look Abaya

Fancy Abaya Style
Here we have some gorgeous styles of REINE Abaya’s from Abaya collection of 2011-2012. All the Abaya designs have multi-color scheme which is being like widely in all over the world. She stitched the Abaya’s using different color fabrics at under arms, cuffs and at the edges of scarf. 

This is a modern style of Abaya and can be used officially in office, university and even in parties. Such type of Abaya’s gives fancier look which separates them from others. Strip work at scarf and at cuffs along with neck style looks so perfect and gives same unique look to this Abaya style.

These Latest designs of Abaya have unique style; have thin strip at all over the borders of Abaya, use of colorful fabric in sleeves and in scarf. All the designs and patterns look so beautiful with this modification.


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