Jilbab 2011-2012 Collection | Kaftans | Burqa | Abaya

Islamic dresses and upper wears are progressively confined more and more market, and the dresses and upper wears now wearing in most of western and non Muslim countries also. Islamic dresses and upper wears includes shalwar kameez, hijab, abaya, jilbab and kaftan etc. Today She9 have some superb designs of Kaftan/ Abaya 2011 & 2012 with us for you. All the designs of this upper wear/dress are really fantastic and fashionable according to the latest fashion trends. Let’s have a look on all designs.
All these Islamic dresses contains Burqa / Hijab Designs as well as Abaya 2011-12 and Kaftans/ Caftan Collection for Muslim ladies as well as fashion trend.

Black Burqa /  Burka
This beautiful black color kaftan is really awesome and most useable in Arab countries due to black color.  Colorful strip work on cuffs, shoulders, and bust and at lower border makes this fancy, so one can wear this in parties as well. V shape neck design is being put at bust to give this a V shape neck look.

Jilbab with Gold Border
This slim fit long style off-white color kaftan is looking very beautiful. Long slim fit baggy style of this dress with full slim fit sleeves giving a unique look. Beautiful light orange color strip is being used to develop the style on kaftan. Style looks like an open coat which is very common in these types of dresses. Same light orange color fabric is being used at bust to develop neck pattern and style.

Embroidered Abaya

This casual fit kaftan has some beautiful fancy work on it like; little work of stars and thread embroidery at ground of the fabric and a beautiful design of neck is being made by the designer with the help of golden thread and stars. The whole work on this kaftan made this fancier and more beautiful.

Modern Jilbab with Hijab
This kaftan is being stitched in two color formats, one is dominated and the other liberated.  Dominated color is black which a real color of such types of dresses is. This is really fancy kaftan and also has embroidery work on it.

Printed Kaftan
This is a prototype of casual fit kaftan which can be used casually. This kaftan has simple style with no extra work on it. Neck style is in round shape which is common. Kaftan is in printed fabric looking cool. Printed design is also really fantastic.

Umbrella style Abaya

This is really superb outfit in kaftan dress, extra long baggy style with wavy baggy style of sleeves looking very cool. Such designs are really like in western areas. One can wear this as a party dress because it also has some fancy work at the upper portion of the dress. Neck design along with bust is being made with black color fabric embroidered with beautiful silver color thread. This is really superb outfit.

Modern Jilbab Trend

Following kaftans are really good and fancy, and these are more suitable as a party wear kaftan.
This red color kaftan is in casual fitting but has beautiful embroidery at the bust. Embroidery design giving neck style look which is really demanding and cool. Lower part of the kaftan is influenced by wavy style of Asian Frocks, so this type of kaftan would likes in Asia.

Gorgeous style of Abaya
Loose fit styles are really common now days in all types of clothing trends. This loose fit kaftan has beautiful embroidery work on it which made this fancy. The rest of the portion of the dress is simple but attractive. Color is really cool for winter and as well for summer.

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