Crescent Lawn 2011-2012 | Indian Actress Sushmita

Crescent Textile is a famous name in the textile industry. Crescent Textile Mills based in Faisalabad, Pakistan, producing high quality fabric. Today we will presents some stunning Crescent Lawn 2011 prints to you. All the designs are fantastic with the best quality fabric.
Crescent Textile recently hires Indian Actress Sushmita (An Indian Film Actress), as their brand ambassador and shoots a very great photo shoot with her to promote their Lawn 2011 designs. The dresses in this photo shoot were being made by best designers according to the current fashion trends. Designers did well and use Crescent Lawn 2011 designs in a well organized form to put accuracy and beauty in their work.
Let’s have a closer look to all 2011-2012 designs of Crescent Lawn. The Crescent Group launched their designs in Lahore PC Karachi, Serena Hotel Faisalabad and Marriott Hotel Islamabad.

Stylish Long Kurti
This design is an example of sharp art with the completeness of professional work. The design is based on different designing techniques and methods. Beautiful color combination along with superb way to put artistic work is being used to build such a fabulous design. Combination of small and large texture brings a pure artistic design at the scene.
Sleeve less long kurti is in fashion now days, and this outfit is really exposing this Crescent Lawn 2011 design. Coat collar style neck pattern looking gorgeous and executive with this type of outfit and makes this a best dress for summer season parties.

Umbrella Long Shirt
This simple but descent design exposing the creative work of Crescent Textile designers. Some colorful and red flowers gathered there at fabric in such a way that, they are transporting a fabulous design. Long kurti is in sleeve less design. Thin strip is being attached at the edges of the sleeves, border and at the neck shape. Long kurti is in wavy loose style, giving a look of frock prototype.

Embroidery Lawn
The incredible design it is made by Crescent. This Crescent Lawn 2011 design would be the best creative design and the dress designer for folded the beauty of this design to create such a beautiful and perfect summer dress. Sleeve less; long semi frock type kurti looking very cool and everybody would like this change and latest style. Light golden color thread work at front of the kurti looking marvelous and due to this fancy touch you can use this dress in parties. 

Umbrella Frock
Dress designers mostly developed sleeve less dresses according to the latest fashion trends. Long kurti’s are available in different patterns and styles here available in the bucket of Crescent Lawn 2011 desk.
All the following designs are dashing and challenging the designer work in all over the fashion industry. This silver color fabric has silver color printed design which looking marvelous and so executive. Semi frock long kurti with chooridar shalwar is looking very nice in this marvelous Crescent Lawn 2011 design.

Stunning Black Lawn

Printed Chiffon Jorjet
Dashing and executive suiting with Crescent Lawn 2011:
These following two designs are being made for the executive and dashing suiting. Color scheme is really superb, black and purple color always have plus points in executive suitings. Both the Crescent Lawn 2011 designs have beautiful artistic designing work which always attracts those who like these colors. 

Printed Long Kurti

Open-Shirt & Churi-Trouser

Creative Artistic

Butterfly Fin:
Slim Fit Chooridar Shalwar With Long Kurti Styles in Crescent Lawn 2011 Designs:
Slim Fit Churidar Shalwar With Long Kurti Styles in Crescent Lawn 2011 Designs are here in front of you. All the designs are superb and has fantastic match with such a crazy suiting pattern. Long kurti in different styles are looking fantastic with this traditional chooridar shalwar outfit. A crescent Lawn 2011 design covers all demanding phases of designing, especially of Lawn designing. You will feel good with all these Crescent Lawn 2011 designs.

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